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[platform-ui-dev] GUI Bloopers in Eclipse

To all Eclipse developers doing UI work,

Last week at OTI Ottawa, during an informal weekly lunchtime discussion
group we have about code quality, I gave a presentation on Jeff Johnson's
book "GUI Bloopers" (
I had previously gone through the Eclipse SDK trying to find occurrences
of each blooper.
I thought people might be interested in my notes, so here they are in
unedited form (thanks also to the discussion group for some useful
comments which have been added).
The attachment is a Word document:

I didn't get all the way through the book.  Any entries which are blank
haven't been examined.  An entry marked N/A means I couldn't find any
occurrences, or it otherwise does not apply.
Although this does cover several plugins (not just org.eclipse.ui), this
is not an exhaustive check of all plugins in the SDK.
The intent was just to gather a few examples of each blooper for the
discussion group.

I highly recommend the book to anyone doing UI development.
Although it does not address some of our trickier UI "challenges", such as
losing your context in different perspectives / tab folders / editors,
etc, it does help raise the "low bar" of overall UI quality.
The book is an excellent companion to the various platform UI guidelines
(e.g. "Microsoft Windows User Experience"), and is not platform-specific.
The doc above includes more details on why I like it.

It would help to go through the list with the book in hand, but you can
probably get a basic idea of what each blooper is about just from the
section headings.
The TOC is also online at


(See attached file: GUI Bloopers in Eclipse.doc)

Attachment: GUI Bloopers in Eclipse.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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