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[platform-ui-dev] Welcome to the UI team's mailing list

Now that we are officially open source we might as well get started using
the developer's mailing list. Over the next
while I am going though the bugzilla database to prioritize and assign the
defects that have been logged against the
UI team.

So far I have not found a way that is a productive way to manage the PR
backlog. I am 10x slower at processing defects.
Maybe I will get smarter but so far I am not hopeful.

Using terminology from our old problem reporting system, I looking at
defects that are assigned to the Platform - UI component and
appear as NEW.  I am treating these defects as being in our Inbox.

Defects will leave this state and either
     - Be moved to another component
     - Be immediatly resolved (duplicate/wont fix/ later) etc
     - Be assigned to someone and their priority assigned

Note: We are trying to make good use of the priority/severity fields. If
they are P1/P2 it is expected that the person assigned to this PR
may be working on this defect. P3 or lower means that this defect is not
and should not be actively worked on now.

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