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[platform-text-dev] [proposal] Unite platform text and UI projects forces

Hi all,

Recently I was trying to update the platform text projects to BREE 1.7 to get rid of nasty compile problems with incompatible JRE (platform text still insists to see JRE 1.4 on classpath), see [1], but so far it didn't found any feedback except the one non-text committer (it was Lars as usually :-)).

This does not surprise me, especially looking on the project statistics [2] where one can see that there are actually only 2 active committers with commit rights on the platform text (Dani and Markus), and the 2 commits which were made from non-project contributors are representing 9% of the project activity in the last 3 months! BTW both those "external" 2 commits were made by platform UI committers.

So while we all know how overloaded both active platform text committers are, and how bad our overall state with reviewing bugs and patches etc is, why not unite our forces and integrate platform text into platform UI project? Those two projects have really many things in common and it feels naturally for me if we could allow both teams to work on their code together. Actually the half of platform text committers are already platform UI committers, but unfortunately not other way around.

So what do you think?
Does this proposal makes sense for you?

Are platform UI committer ready to take over few projects from platform text? Are platform text committers agree to give platform UI members commit rights on platform text and vice versa?

Few data about projects in platform text: 6 projects (without tests), ~1200 files, 4 committers (2 active):


For comparison: Platform UI: 38 projects (without tests), ~5200 files, 25 committers (although I guess only half of them are active).


Kind regards,
Andrey Loskutov

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