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[platform-swt-dev] SWT Cocoa 3.5m6 bugs

Hello everyone,
In case some of you were not aware, next week is a Milestone week again. It's M6 this time and the API freeze for Eclipse 3.5.

Tonight I went through all open Cocoa bugs and tried to identify those that I think should be closed by M6. Some of them are real bugs that will require work to fix, others just need to be revisited and closed down with the appropriate resolution. There are 22 bugs in the list right now, and not much time left.

I've marked all the bugs with a target milestone of 3.5 M6. Please review the list and close as many bugs as you can. If there are any open bugs that I have not targeted for M6 that you feel should be fixed, please update the milestone on the bug. If I've marked a bug as M6 and you feel that it cannot be resolved in time, please explain your reasoning in the bug report and clear or adjust the target milestone.

Although fixing as many bugs as possible in our last days is important, we do not want to sacrifice the stability of the cocoa port. Please take extra time to test any code changes you make before releasing them to HEAD, be sure that you are running the latest code at all times, and report all bugs as soon as you see them.

Here's the link for open cocoa bugs with 3.5 M6 target milestones:

Happy coding,

PS - if you have more time than bugs, please help the rest of us out.

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