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Re: [platform-releng-dev] svn-pde-build FileNotFoundException

In addition to my previous message, here are 3 lines of the log that might be relevant to my problem:

[eclipse.fetch] File not read: c:\tempBuild\directory.txt.
[eclipse.fetch] Missing directory entry: feature@xxxxxxxxxxxx
[eclipse.fetch] feature@xxxxxxxxxxxx has not be fetched.

What is responsible for the directory.txt creation ?


Loïc Quéran a écrit :
Subversion is the SCM my company uses, hence no CVS.

In genericsTargets.xml, <target name="fetchElement"/>, antfile="${buildDirectory}/fetch_${id}.xml"> is not found.

How can I:

- make sure Subversion fetch factory is used ?
- see what the FetchFactory is trying to checkout ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Technopôle Brest-Iroise
120, rue René Descartes
29280 Plouzané, FRANCE (+33)

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