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[platform-dev] Changes in M1 and M3 rules starting with 4.31 stream

Hey everyone,
On the last Eclipse PMC call we discussed the rules and how much they are followed and also the increasing demand for less "freezes". 
The current rules for test days, reminders, tagging and etc. are no longer followed by the community in general and it requires extra effort from releng side (which could be spent better).
With the above said the PMC agreed that:
All milestones (M1/M2/M3) will be lightweight and follow the same rules as M2 has been lately - this is more or less Thursday build is contributed on Friday without sign off bugs, development freeze for the week, etc. is updated with corresponding changes.

Testing and testing work is still highly appreciated and we are encouraging people to spend more time on stability work, test improvements and so on. 
Having Tuesday of a given week dedicated for testing is just not fitting with the current distributed, multi company community but if someone can/want to still dedicate these days for testing everyone will be grateful.

Aleksandar Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse Team

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