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[platform-dev] Inconsistent version change in SWT 4.30

Hi all,

I started looking at SWT 4.30RC1 today and I think there's an
inconsistency that I'd like to bring to your attention.

MINOR_VERSION in org.eclipse.swt.internal.Library is usually increased
by 2 for each version. In SWT 4.29 it was 962, so the expected value
in 4.30 is 964. However, it is currently 963.

In case I missed a decision to regularly increase MINOR_VERSION by 1
from now on (e.g. to gain more time before reaching 4 digits, that
would make sense), please just let me know and accept my apologies for
wasting time here.

In case this is inadvertent:

I know that this scheme is not fixed in any buy, but just convention.
There was an inadvertent break of the scheme in SWT 4.18 where
MINOR_VERSION increased by 4 and we had a discussion then. It was too
difficult to fix, so be it.

In this case, if it was a mistake, I hope it can still be fixed.
Otherwise all code that tries to map old-style version numbers to
Library *_VERSION constants will break and need tweaking for this new
special case.

Alternatively, please consider my remark above about 3 vs. 4 digits in
MINOR_VERSION. This could be a good time to change the scheme to
increase by 1 instead of 2 from now on. It would give us 9 years of 3
digits instead of 4.5. :-)

Thanks and best regards,

Gregor Schmid

Quality First Software GmbH
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