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[platform-dev] Still open Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and Adoptium Bugzilla Tickets

Hi Marta,

can you help me regarding how to proceed with these tickets, please?

Jakarta EE:



The recent MicroProfile 6.1 made some small progress to fix them, but except two component specs all others are still affected, even when addressing this was part of the release plan. We have a similar issue is on the Jakarta EE side, where we (Ed Burns and Ivar) discussed how to address this in the new Jakarta Platform Maintenance Call a few weeks ago and Ivar suggested to meet with you at EclipseCon to find solutions for that.

A main issue is, that these tickets are not public (for good reasons) and there is now defined way how to communicate the existence and status of them to the component spec leads to let them fix the issues and plan/do a release with the fixes.

I tried to address them in the WGs multiple times, but my observation is, that the priority to address (at least these) CVEs in the first two projects is relatively low (in contrast to the Adoptium and AsciiDoc, where the last was the origin of two of the issues with a response time of about 2 h and fix within less than a week!). When you want to get them fixed, you need to do it by yourself - which is always helpful, but should not be the only solution. ;-) Especially you need to have Committer rights and I generally prefer the four-eyes-principle.

This communication responsibility gap might be a general issue for Eclipse projects and Ivar suggested to bring this up to the Architecture Board at EclipseCon to discuss this with Wayne to improve the processes. The new OpenSSF Security Insights 1.0 Specification ( might be helpful too to address this.

Also there where some discussions about the impact of these issues and the need to fix them - especially when being just before the release and need an excuse not to fix them yet...

From my perspective, these concrete examples have not the highest severity too, but they have the potential for Supply-Chain-Attack and should be fixed, especially as there are solutions and workaround available to fix most of them with minimum effort. In special cases, end-users could be affected by them too. Unfortunately the people also do not discuss them on the original tickets at all, where this discussion should happen form my point of view. At the end, somebody need to make a decision about the actions have to been taken and I think this is the point where the Eclipse Security Team came into responsibility, right?

Also, do you still track these Bugzilla issues at all? Meanwhile they need to be reported on GitLab, but they where not mirrored or referenced there as far as we could find out.

Last, but not least: The 90 days period is over and then the current process requires to make them public. What does this mean in this context?

I hope we can find some time at EclipseCon to discuss this in person and find some practical solutions for the concrete and general issues. I will be in Ludwigsburg and attending the EclipseCon Java Community Day on next Monday and plan to leave late on that day/night. It would be nice to meet you there!

Best Regards,


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