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[platform-dev] Committer Election for Phil Beauvoir on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Phil Beauvoir on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Alexander Kurtakov with this criteria:

Phil contributes and tests MacOS integration for the Eclipse Project team and
is driving force in fixes for new and upcoming MacOS releases.

He has addressed the following bugs:
* platform.swt
e83f6dd27049c44f06f9894d82253f857a89a9ba Adjust line dashes on hi-dpi device
21e38ac87f31b2bc086f6ebfabe24eb326a72c5a Use unique cache key when caching
single character
192b1ff5c57c32e7cc8ac958d70f33c5fa8de5c4 Revert "Revert single character text
caching on Mac GC"
9e996e825dbcaf2bc95a954cadadd24729b2ab8e Revert single character text caching
on Mac GC
764cb2a445187842a9190a59cca998efbcd39b8a Remove non-existing Snippet links
from Snippets markdown file
fb9f981ae430f4f069577aa28be30633e6d2a5fe Add list of Snippets as a Markdown
48a004540518429a9a669d9609dc86d37fbbb3f9 Manual example for issue #146
f69c63fa996695117f591c9a0421d82f937f9ce2 Fix Clipboard ImageTransfer not
working on Linux x86_64
* platform.ui
24b89526798ad71c3a165984f4e51ab96623feda (tag: I20220912-1800) Dispose of
51c08254c166928960c0a328d7bd7228fdd8f4d3 Bug 564941 Drillstack#goHome()
should call Deque#getLast()
91c483133b43873c878e7c4bb938be9fc091e27c Bug 551513 - "Start automatically in
dark theme based on OS theme" leads to null theme with RCP apps

He is also keeping an eye on incoming issues and PRs as can be seen at

It is my pleasure to nominate Phil as a committer on Eclipse Project.

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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