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[platform-dev] Committer Election for Federico Jeanne on Eclipse Platform has started

A committer election for Federico Jeanne on project Eclipse Platform
(eclipse.platform) was started by Lars Vogel with this criteria:

I would like to nominate Federico as platform committer. Federico is a
commercial plug-in developer who did his first  professional plug-in
development from 2008 to 2011 and also currently works as a plug-in
developers. His contributions seem to focus around improving tests and
performance and the job framework. Especially the focus on tests is highly
appreciated as our tests are still not very stable. I also see Federico
helping in testing pull requests and helps improving others work which is
also great for growing the Eclipse community.

~/git/eclipse.platform$ git shortlog --author "Federico"
fedejeanne (15):
       Ensure deletion of created folders in FileStoreTest #440
       Add @FixMethodOrder to ContentDescriptionPerformanceTest #432
       Set thresholds for (static) imports in project settings to 99 #442
       Change the code templates of catch block in tests to the default ones
       Migrate some tests to JUnit4 and use "assume" #434
       Fix random failing of TestBug297635 #460
       Let LocalFile.internalDelete return IStatus #275
       Change waiting mechanism ProcessConsoleTests.processTerminationTest
       Disable the cancel button of progress indicator in run configurations
       Move calls to lock::isConflicting in DeadlocDetector to the end
       Throw exception when build job is waiting and JobManager is suspended
       Don't replace the monitor set by a group when starting a new job
       Bump version in Manifest
       Show progress indicator of "Run configurations..." after a delay
       Bump version in Manifest
fedejeanne (6):
       Wait for extensions to be activated in PipelineChainTest #757
       Wait for the label provider in SorterTest.testSorterContentAdd() #794
       Improve error thrown in UIWorkingSetWizardsAuto.deleteResources() #275
       Log debug information when calling TestPipelineProvider.reset(...)
Open new WorkbenchWindows in the same monitor as the active window #739
       Update the marker in BasicMarkerUpdater::updateMarker in one operation


Please join me in welcoming Federico.

Eclipse Platform project committers can click the election link below to



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