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Re: [platform-dev] Eclipse Platform Build


Please see for explanation of how to build the Eclipse Platform and for particular GTK stuff.
The version of SWT was bumped by +0.1.0 during last cycle, which means it has new APIs and some bundles are probably consuming those new API; so by auditing the version, it seems like the combination you wish to achieve (latest platform with old SWT) is then not possible.
With the link above and good knowledge of Maven, Tycho and PDE, you may be able to hack something to enforce another locally built version of SWT, but overall it will be annoying and difficult for questionable value. If you can make a PR that fixes while still working with supported environments, there are chances that it get merged and than part of the official build. This is IMO the most profitable path forward, although it's not certain it can work.
Note that if you're stuck in an environment that is not supported anymore, you may consider alternative distributions of Eclipse IDE, such as Flatpak one; with such container-like installations, most libs -including GTK- are supposed to be included in a compatible way. .

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