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Re: [platform-dev] Reusing generic editor features in JDT

Hi all, hi Gayan,

I'm reviving this old thread that is the most relevant place to share some progress:
In (there is a p2 repo linked), you can see some progress on the topic of using JDT-LS in Eclipse IDE.
Currently, it just starts JDT-LS externally, from a separate installation as a separate process (similarly to what Wild Web Developer does with LemMinX); but it already does a decent bit of work that way. In the code, you can also find code that has tried to start JDT-LS in the same process as the workspace, and this seems to be both tricky and technically interesting; some issues were reported to JDT-LS about how this kind of integration can be made to work, but this is not trivial. The first iteration was then to keep the easier separate-process approach, but I (and others are welcome to join) will try to keep investigating having JDT-LS in the same process because I see major potential benefits in this.

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