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[platform-dev] core.resources Concurrency Model

is there any documentation how/if files in the workspace can be written in parallel?
Are there junit tests for concurrenct workspace modifications?
As far as i found there is a locking (ISchedulingRule) which can prevent cuncurrent access. If that locking is removed or only held on a part of the workspace (as suggested by Mickael mistria) i still see sourcecode which does not seem to be thread safe. For example
usage of AliasManager.aliases in AliasManager.updateAliases()

I did not see any actual error happening there i just wondering if that is
a) not meant to be used in parallel
b) has some magic synchronization which i dont see
c) is an error which just have such a small chance to happen that it does normally not happen.

I would like to write files in parallel to improve JDT performance (

Jörg Kubitz

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