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[platform-dev] Changing default IAdapterManager in Platform?

Hi all,

We've got an interesting case with LSP4E vs LinuxTools, both registering a factory with the same signature (adptableType -> adapterType). The dummy expectation was that it was legal to have multiple factories and that as long as the current factory returns null, another one would be tried and so on.
However, digging in the code of AdapterManager, it's actually keeping track of a single adapter factory, ignoring other ones. Which one is used is randomish and probably depends on bundle activation order or ordering in the extension registry. The AdapaterManager is documented to behave like this, we should probably not change it.
However, the IAdapterManager is more flexible and could allow implementations to keep and use multiple factories with same signatures. That would resolve our case and would more generally provide much more power and flexibility in usage and implementation of adapter factories.
So I'm considering writing and using in InternalPlatform a new implementation of the AdapterManager.

Does anyone have some more knowledge about this area to share whether it seems like a good idea or not?

Thanks in advance

Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, for Red Hat Developers

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