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Re: AW: [platform-dev] Class Not Found: javax.crypto.Cipher in Eclipse.

I will try this out. 

But , I have a question that when we set up eclipse, we set JAVA_HOME to be jre location. Doesn't that mean that eclipse should pick up all libraries that come will JDK distributable? 

>>> "Frank Ulm" <frank.ulm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 8/31/2005 8:49 AM >>>

I'am not sure if this helps, but check in the preferences of eclipse -->
Java --> Installed JRE's --> edit, if the checkbox "Use default system
libraries" is checked.


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I am trying to build my application using PDE build and eclipse antrunner
application. One of the plugins uses java cryptographic classes like
javax.crypto.Cipher. While compiling this plugin through elipse PDE, I get
an error that says "javax.crypto.Cipher cannot be resolved to a type". The
java version used is JDK5 and JAVA_HOME points to jdk5/jre which has jce.jar
in lib directory. So, I assume that elipse should pick up the cryptographic

On command prompt, java seems to detect this class.

I am wondering why eclipse cannot pick up these classes?

Any help is highly appreciated!!


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