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[platform-dev] Using Eclipse / Rich Client Platform for a commercial product


I'm really impressed by the Rich Client Platform (which I understand, is
a stripped down Eclipse platform) as it would save a lot of time for
developing that kind of application.  All the integrated help and
advanced UI features are pretty impressive.

I work for a consulting company who develops these kinds of
applications, and the RCP would really be helpful in some solutions.  I
tried to peruse the EPL/CPL documentation to see if the tecnologies
could be used in such a way but am still a bit unclear. If someone
knowledgeable in these things could offer some advice I would be very

- Could the Eclipse / RCP be packaged with plugins and constitute a new
product which is sold commercially. And if the source code to the
plugins are closed, would this be legal use of the platform?
- What if the RCP was used in an application that was compiled into a
single binary using a compiler such as GCJ. Could the resulting
executable be sold? If the source code was not available?

My guess if the core Eclipse platform itself is modified source would
have to be produced. But what if it links to a larger application which
contains non-opensource code as a plugin?

Thanks in advance!

- Sal

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