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[platform-dev] Project Files on WebDav Mount

I'm running Windows XP that mount an Apache 2 WebDav directory using
netdrive.  It's mounted as drive V: in Windows.

I created the project by selecting drive V:, which already contains some
files and directories.  It seems to import ok, and then I can browse/read

However, when I change and then save the file, Eclipse 3.1 says:

Resource is out of sync with the file system: /project/file/path

Eclipse then says that the file on the file system has changed, and asks if
I want to reload the changes.

Apache 2 reports this error:

[Sat Jul 30 21:28:10 2005] [error] [client] Property is
read-only.  [409, #201]

Any ideas on what the problem could be?  Looking up the Apache error doesn't
help much.

My main goal is to use a project on a remote server.  It's very often that
development needs to happen on a remote server.  I've also looked for SFTP
support in Eclipse 3.1 (SFTP is what I typically use with UltraEdit) but it
doesn't look to be well supported in Eclipse.

Any other tips on working remotely would be appreciated as well.

Hans Zaunere
President, Founder
New York PHP

AMP Technology
Supporting Apache, MySQL and PHP

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