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[platform-dev] Strange behaviour of the PreferenceDialog class


I am new to the eclipse mailing-lists, and wanted to ask you about a
strange behaviour of the PreferenceDialog. I have a PreferencePage that
contains an eclipse SWT table. On a Win32 platform there is no problem,
but on a linux one:
   When I want to change from this page to another, the
PreferenceDialog.showPage() method has a null reference in the oldPage
variable instead of my PreferencePage one. This happens only when the
table contains lines, and I just have to change from my eclipse window
to another window of my desktop and back again to let my page disapear.
  Of course, when I try to debug before the setVisible() (line 1197), I
allways have the right value in the oldPage. If I am waiting at the line
1197, I get a null reference.

Do you have any idea of what could be wrong ? If you want to check the
code, it is part of the SDK, and you can download it from
the api project CVS
( The
subproject is named ooeclipseintegration and the my class which doesn't
want to be hidden is the UnoSDKConfigPage.

I hope this could help you to improve your product, and am awaiting for
your help and advices.

Cedric Bosdonnat

4th year student at INSA LYON
Computer Science dept.

Developping for

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