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Re: [platform-dev] Hyperlinks in eclipse-console.

you can use 3.1. it is the M6 version..


On 5/13/05, Dany.Benz@xxxxxxxxxxxx <Dany.Benz@xxxxxxxxxxxx > wrote:
Hi Kevin

thanks a lot for replying. Unfortunately, Eclipse 3.1 is not yet
So if I got it right, there is no way to use the ProcessConsole?
(i checked, but there was no addHyperlink functionality)

Regards, Dany

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The easiest solution would be to use 3.1. MessageConsole now has an
addHyperlink() method.
Unfortunately, there is no way to add hyperlinks to a MessageConsole in
3.0.x and there's no way to create your own
org.eclipse.debug.ui.console.IConsole. The only implementation of that
interface is ProcessConsole and it is an internal class.

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Please respond to
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[platform-dev] Hyperlinks in eclipse-console.

i have the following task:
Hyperlinks in the Console to open ANY (*.xml, *.xls, *.html...) files
directly in eclipse by
simply clicking on it. (like the Console-Links form exceptions).
My Problem:
I can only use a IConsole in (org.eclipse.ui.console.IConsole)
       MessageConsole mc = new MessageConsole("New Console", null);
but for this console it seems that there exist no possibilites to add

I would like to work with (org.eclipse.debug.ui.console.IConsole)

but I cannot cast the
org.eclipse.ui.console.IConsole   to
I also cannot just create a new org.eclipse.debug.ui.console.IConsole
and cannot get a stream from the new console like before: stream =

how can I solve this problem? please help me....
regards, Dany _______________________________________________
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