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[platform-dev] Need more detailled Startup Information


I am preparing a presentation of the eclipse platform for a seminar at
the Hasso-Plattner-Institute (
Therefore I need more detailled information about the Eclipse Platform
architecture and startup sequence, especially:

- How gets the runtime started?
- In which way does the runtime determine the needed plugins ?
   + How does it know which plugins are needed for starting up?
   + Does it start more than the platform plugins, or does it start also
the plugins, needed on open projects?
- In what way is the plug-in-registry created?
   + How does it look like? (perhaps you have a short 
     image of the datastructure?)
- How are plug-ins loaded after the startup?

I didn't find any detailled images on platform architecture and startup
sequence - is anybody out htere, who can help me finding some of them?


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