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[platform-dev] query regarding servlet usage in eclipse

  I am the new user of eclipse IDE.I want to deploy a simple servlet in
 For that i installed Tomcat5.0 in my machine and added the plugin(Sysdeo
eclipse tomcat plugin) for integrating eclipse and tomcat and made the
necessary settings in the eclipse IDE as given in the internet.
After that when i try to start the tomcat by pressing the "start tomcat "
button from toolbar,the tomcat is not starting and an undescribed error log
message is seen in the error log.("Error Feb 21, 2005 14:00:18.762 Starting

            I have only installed j2sdk1.4.2_04 in my machine and not
installed any j2eesdk in my machine.Do i need to install it in my machine to
work with servlets and jsps?

            I am a beginner in learning how to deploy servlets and jsps in
eclipse using tomcat.So sorry if my question was not up to the standard.
            Please suggest do i need to install any j2eesdk and suggest me
any urls regarding the further settings
  in setting the class path and related settings in eclipse IDE

            Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions.

with regards,
Saravanan T
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