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Re: [platform-dev] obtain a X11 Display handle from a swt widget in linux

Nicolas Gendron (nicolas.gendron@xxxxxxxxx):

> I'm looking for a way to play video media in a SWT interface.  I was
> looking for JMF (java media framework) but it is slow on my computer.
> So I discovered FFMPEG, a codec library.  They provide a little
> application called ffplay which uses the plugin and play video files
> in a X11 Window.  They use X11 Display.  Is it possible to go deep in
> the implementation of SWT to obtain a X11 Display?
> I know the application will not be multi platform if I do that, but
> for the moment it is ok for me.

  You don't have to go too deep.  If you create a Composite with the
style bit SWT.EMBEDDED, it will create a GtkSocket.  This will set the
variable composite.embeddedHandle on that composite to be the window ID
which you can pass to clients which support XEMBED.

  IIRC, ffplay uses SDL to display video.  If so, you could probably
fork off an ffplay process after setting the SDL_WINDOWID environment
variable to be the embeddedHandle of the composite.  I think this might
"just work".


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