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[platform-dev] Question about links in an editor

I'm working with Eclipse 3.0.1...
I'm creating an editor plug-in for Torque-Script (scripting language for a 3D engine), I've got all the basics down syntax highlighting, indention, auto-completion, etc... but i can't seem to figure out how to make some of the text in the editor links.  IE: CTRL+CLICK a piece of text to open another file in the project.  For example:


I want to make it open scripts/canvas.cs from the project.  I've got an implementation of ITextHover that parses out the text between the quotes.. but i don't know how to make the text in the editor turn into a link and be click-able.  Can anyone suggest a HOWTO/Example, or perhaps point me in the direction of an interface that i must implement?

Brian C. Dilley <brian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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