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[platform-dev] Non-automatic building

If I create an Eclipse plug-in that includes among the things it does a resource transformation which looks like a "build", but which can inherently not be made incremental, and/or can inherently not be made automatic, I seem to be in a small bind. I would like to call this operation a "build", because that's what the customers of (earlier, non-eclipse versions of) my application are used to calling it, and because IMO it fits. I expect my customers to be using other plugins, such as JDT, in which automatic building makes sense, so I don't want them to turn the automatic-build option off globally. It appears that I must find some synonym for "build" ("make", "compile", ...) and create an action with that name, since I won't be able to make use of the existing "build" menu items. I don't find this very attractive.

Any words of wisdom for me?

Greg Lutz
NearSpace, Inc.

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