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Re: [platform-dev] Precompiled window system native binaries - how to recompile?

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Krystian Nowak wrote:
| On Linux platform I've upgraded GTK library from version 2.2 to 2.4 and
| when starting Eclipse 3.0M7, M8 & M9 it cannot find
| g_type_class_add_private symbol in I guess it's
| because of a precompiled native part connecting SWT with GTK. I've even
| downloaded and built Eclipse from source, but it only compiles Java
| sources (since the limitation stated in source doc says: "Only Java
| source code is compiled. *.dll, *so, *sl and Eclipse executables are all
| provided prebuilt in this build process.").
| So, my question is: How to build/recompile that prebuilt part of Eclipse
| to use it with GTK 2.4?
| Regards,
| Krystian

~From the FreeBSD-Java Mailing list:

| Hi,
| since the Eclipse 3 port has not yet appeared in CVS, I once again
| updated my quick hack to include patches for M9, see
| --
| Regards,
| Georg.

The scripts were developed to get M9 to compile on FreeBSD but they
should still successfully compile the native binaries on other systems.

- --
Jeremy Faulkner
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