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[platform-dev] Eclipse 2.1.3 on MacOSX


Sorry for disturbing this list, maybe I'm at the wrong place, but give it a
try. I need help ...

I'm using Eclipse for developing a Plugin. Because of the project on which
the plugin is based on, we need assertions activated. Therefor I'm using the
Compliance Level 1.4 and setted "-ea" as VM Arguments where it is needed.

After Compiling the Project and running the Runtime-Workbench the plugin
isn't working (Unsupported Major.Minor Version Error) ... Seems like Eclipse
2.1.3 is running in 1.3.1 VMMode. So I changed the Params in the provided
plist-file from 1.3.1 to 1.4* . But afterwards Eclipse quits after starting
up with 



Plug-in "org.eclipse.debug.ui" was unable to instantiate class
"org.eclipse.debug.internal.ui.actions.RunAsAction" "

So i tried to update the binary launcher ... I updated it to the newest
Launcher available in the cvs (the one from 3.0M8 i think) ... And it's
starting fine but no way same errors ...

Seems like Eclipse 2.1.3 on Mac OS X is running in a 1.3-Runtime. So my
question: Is there a way to start Eclipse 2.1.3 on OS X in 1.4*-Client-Mode?
Which parts of Eclipse do i have to recompile/update to do it?

Hoping for answers

     _ :'_
   .`_`-'_`.     Sebastian Müsch
  :__|\ /|__:      sebastian@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  :__| S |__:
  :__|   |__:     iTunes ist aus :-(

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