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[platform-dev] Newbie questions


I'm new to Eclipse and need some starting points. So if there is a FAQ
for my questions just point me there.

I registered to the newsgroups and some mailing lists. I've also seen the
archives but I was wondering if there is a possibility to search the archives?
Google etc won't work as in other lists as the access is protected. Or do
I need to look through all pages, all mails?

It seems like the mailinglists and the newsgroups are separate things,
meaning that the postings don't get mirrored between the two as some
other lists do.

Next one is maybe no newbie question :)
Coming from the Windows/VC++ world we have a lot of code made in C++.
Eclipse is fine but is Java. So is there any possibility to reuse some code
without rewriting everything in Java? e.g. with a wrapper for some ocx/dll,
usable as a plugin? Has already done anyone something like that? If not,
is this possible at all? JNI comes to mind. But will that also work for
visual controls, just like ocx?
Our main reason to leave "evil" MS-Tools is the need for crossplattform
ability. And as many people already support Eclipse it seemed a nice
possibility. But if we need to completely change to Java we might drop
it in favour of a maybe less suited but still C-based solution.


bye  Fabi

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