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[platform-dev] location of .config

Hi there.

I do have a question regarding the configuration of eclipse. I assume that
most of the configuration of eclipse is stored
in the .config and .workspace directories. Now our departement wants to do
the following:

- install eclipse in a special directory
- have a workspace in another special directory
- provide a mechanism to install/update configurations for eclipse

One way to achive the last point is to export all preferences into an epf
file and import this at all pcs in question.
Since this cannot be automated, we will not prefer this solution.

My question is now: can i copy the .config directory from one pc to another
presuming the following:

- the eclipse install dir is the same
- the workspace directory is the same
- the install path of j2sdk is the same

Thanks in advance,

Christian Domsch
> Entire Software AG 
> Lise-Meitner-Stra├če 14
> D-89081 Ulm
> Tel: +49 7 31 9 74 95-4 83
> Fax: +49 7 31 9 74 95-20
> Mailto:Christian.Domsch@xxxxxxxxx

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