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[platform-dev] 'eclipse -ws xyz' does not work for 3.0 M7

I'm the maintainer of the SWT-on-Fox port (
I have the following problem with the recent Eclipse 3.0 milestone releases (I suspect the problem has appeared since the switch to OSGi, but I may be wrong):
In Eclipse 2.X.Y, it was possible to manually specify on the command line the particular SWT windowing system to be used by Eclipse, by invoking eclipse like this:
'eclipse -ws xyz'.
If there was a SWT fragment installed, which had directory 'ws/xyz', Eclipse used to pick this fragment, instead of the default one for the platform (GTK+, Motif, etc.).
This, however, no longer works for Eclipse 3.0 milestones. It seems, now Eclipse randomly picks some of the installed SWT fragments, sometimes it is the GTK+ fragment, sometimes it is mine (Fox).
Since my SWT port is a third party one, packaged as Eclipse update, it is crucial users to be able to automatically download my port using the Eclipse Update Manager (which works) and then restart Eclipse with the command line swich I described, in order my SWT port to be used instead of the default one for the platform.
Are there any plans to fix this problem and should I enter a bugzilla report against eclipse-platform?
Ivan Markov
P.S. Sorry, I was unable to further track down the problem, as the startup/runtime code is complex enough and it would take me too much time.

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