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[platform-debug-dev] Eclipse JSDT Debug: Setting breakpoints in Javascript editor does not work as expected


We have an application which provides scripting support using the mozilla Rhino _javascript_ engine. We also have a framework that provides APIs to the script that helps the script to interact with the internals of our tool. Recently we provided a feature to enable debugging of the _javascript_s developed for the tool using eclipse and the debug support provided by the JSDT Debug framework.
We see two problems and would like to know whether someone can help us

1. Sometimes the breakpoints do not get set at the place that we intend to. For eg: If I want to set a breakpoint at line no 10, it gets set at 11, sometimes 15 etc.
2. Even if I set a breakpoint, they are not hit at the right places when we run the script.
3. It is also noted that with small scripts we do not face much problem, as the length of the script increases we see more and more problems.

We are using Eclipse 4.2 Juno version.
It is also to be noted that the since the script is embedded into our java application users are free to use both java and _javascript_ syntaxes.
I'm not sure whether the commands are causing any problem.

Any help would be highly appreciated.


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