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[platform-debug-dev] Switching to chosen Perspective after terminating debug session

Dear All,


I implemented a patch based on the patch in bugzilla 46336 for switching back to a specific perspective after terminating debug session, the user can specify that perspective from the preferences according to each launch type and whether he needs to always switch, never switch or being prompted each time.

In case of prompting the user I am facing an issue when the user choose “Terminate and Relaunch” or “Restart”, the prompt shouldn’t be shown but launchesTerminated() method is called after the termination and the prompt appear to the user before relaunching, so is there any way to check if the “Terminate and Relaunch” or “Restart” context menu is the one chosen or any other work around for this issue?


Thanks and Best Regards,

Karim Ragab

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