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Re: [platform-debug-dev] Launch Groups

Hi Markus

Yes, a CQ is needed. Sarika, please take care of this.


From:        Duft Markus <Markus.Duft@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Date:        02.11.2016 15:18
Subject:        [platform-debug-dev] Launch Groups
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I have a change on Gerrit [1], which „fixes“ (implements) Bug 492788 [2] (“Proposal: Launch Groups”).
It essentially moves the launch groups implementation from CDT to platform.debug (with only little code changes). May I kindly ask for some review, as it is already around for some months :) Not sure whether a CQ is required – but if, it would be good to file it... I assume we do need one, as I had to restructure the code a little bit to split up the logic and the UI parts.
Thanks a lot in advance!
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