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[platform-debug-dev] New Console View Toolbar Button

Hey gang, probably my first post here. Long overdue.

I notice that platform.debug owns the Console View. One thing I’ve done for org.eclipse.remote is to use the Console View to hold a Terminal widget on a page for command shells on remote connections. Once I did that, I found the need to be able to create new console views and pin them to specific terminal pages.

Of course if you do that often, you become very frustrated that the New Console View is actually in with the console factories. I’ve experimented by adding a toolbar button instead and really like how much simpler that is, especially being in the same place as the Pin button.

So, I guess two questions. Is this a feature we should add to the Console View itself?

Second, what is the appetite for doing this in the Neon.2 release? Are we allow to make such changes in a maintenance release of the platform?

Look forward to your thoughts.

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