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Re: [platform-debug-dev] [platform-releng-dev] Fwd: Integrate more projects into Platform UI?

Mickael, I agree that resources is similar to runtime. You may not know that eclipse.platform.runtime is part of platform.ui since a long time. Also resources contains the team component.

Does that change your vote?

Am 08.03.2016 8:18 vorm. schrieb "Mickael Istria" <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>:
+1 for debug in Platform UI.

About Releng, it's not the same set of skills that are necessary to work on Releng that are necessary for Platform UI; so I believe keeping the set of committers and the qualification as a committer separated for both parts is better.
So -1 for releng.

About Resources, I have the same impression. IMO, resources is more like eclipse.platform.runtime, providing low-level APIs, being very careful about their impacts and their performance. If I'm not mistaken, resources module is actually very independent from UI and SWT layer. Changing or maintaining resources require another set of skills than the average Platform UI change requires. Moreover, is there a urge for the resources components to have more contributors right now? This is an established piece of code, and there's the regular Gerrit contribution process set up. So it's easy to contribute right now, even without being a committer.
So -1 for resources.

(note that those is not very strong opinion, don't consider it as a blocker, I should have voted +1, -0.5 and -0.5)
Mickael Istria
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