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Re: [platform-debug-dev] Continue Launching if project contains error

It is strange to see no feedback on the requested action. For the other options, user opts for additional tasks on the requested action, but “launch” action by itself will always complete with feeback


One way to show feedback without being too intrusive is to show a mylyn style of notification balloon.


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I noticed that the “Run/Debug/Launching” preference “Continue launch if project contains errors” has only “Always” and “Prompt” options, while the other three above it has three options: “Always”, “Never” and “Prompt”.


We have customers that got tired of constantly clicking the “Cancel” button when their project has build errors when they try to debug. They prefer the debugging to give up without a message. That is why I think adding the “Never” option for that preference will help them.


I was initially surprised when I got this request, because without the dialog how will they know if debugging will never happen. The answer to that is: Debugging will prompt the build and they will always see the errors in the both the Console View and the Problems View. So that will be enough signal to them that debugging will never happen. So no point of the dialog.


What do you think?

For cases like this should we add the “Never” option in the preference “Continue launch if project contains errors”?




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