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Re: [platform-debug-dev] Nominate Sarika Sinha as new project lead


From:        "Michael Rennie" <Michael_Rennie@xxxxxxxxxx>
To:        platform-debug-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date:        2015-08-24 18:55
Subject:        [platform-debug-dev] Nominate Sarika Sinha as new project lead
Sent by:        platform-debug-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

I find myself having no time at all to work on platform debug (let along lead it), so I would like
to nominate Sarika Sinha as the new project lead for platform Debug.

She has a good understanding of the code, works well with the community and she has been representing
the project on the weekly architecture calls - in effect already leading the project for the past year or so.

Sarika will make a great new project lead.

Michael Rennie
IBM Canada
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