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[platform-debug-dev] Dynamic expression evaluation in Eclipse Debugger plugin


Please let me know if this is not the right mailing group for this kind of queries.

I am writing a java-debugger plugin for Eclipse which will need to evaluate expressions selected by the user in Eclipse Java Editor.
Currently, its only for debugging Java.

Basically, I want to implement something like Inspect or Watch capability where user can select some text and say 'My-Plugin-Command' from the pop-up-menu.

I am able to get a hold to the editor and the selected text, but I am not able to evaluate that _expression_ into an object which I can display. (Note: since the eclipse may be debugging a remote JVM, the evaluation technique should be able to get the evaluation from the remote JVM)

Please point me to some code for achieving the above.

I tried the following code, but its not giving me any value of the variable that is selected in the editor:

public class SampleHandler extends AbstractHandler {

public SampleHandler() {

public Object execute(ExecutionEvent event) throws ExecutionException {
    IWorkbenchWindow window = HandlerUtil.getActiveWorkbenchWindowChecked(event);

    IEditorPart textEditor = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow().getActivePage().getActiveEditor();
    ISelection selection = textEditor.getEditorSite().getSelectionProvider().getSelection();

    if (selection instanceof ITextSelection)
        IDebugTarget[] dbgTargets = DebugPlugin.getDefault().getLaunchManager().getDebugTargets();
        if (dbgTargets == null || dbgTargets.length < 1)
   ("This functionality is available only while debugging Java.");
            return null;
        IDebugTarget dbgTarget = dbgTargets[0];
        if (!(dbgTarget instanceof JDIDebugTarget))
   ("This functionality is available only while debugging Java.");
            return null;
        JDIDebugTarget javaDbgTarget = (JDIDebugTarget)dbgTarget;

        try {

            ITextSelection txtSel = (ITextSelection) selection;
            IWatchExpression watchExpr = DebugPlugin.getDefault().getExpressionManager().newWatchExpression(txtSel.getText());
            IValue exprValue = watchExpr.getValue();

            IVariable[] variables = exprValue.getVariables();
        } catch (Exception e) {

I have also posted it at

Thanks a lot in advance for helping me out!

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