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Re: [platform-core-dev] Breaking up is hard to do...

Yes. This is currently investigated and should be available for review shortly.
Further information on this topic will be posted here.


Igor Fedorenko <ifedorenko@xxxxxxxxxx>
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09/19/2005 08:44 AM

Please respond to
"Eclipse Platform Core component developers list."

"Eclipse Platform Core component developers list." <platform-core-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Re: [platform-core-dev] Breaking up is hard to do...

Are you planning to make extension registry usable outside of
eclipse/osgi context?

Jeff McAffer wrote:
> But sometimes it is necessary.  We have been busily working on
> separating the extension registry from the rest of the Runtime as well
> as adopting a different *implementation* approach to the application
> model (NO breaking changes).  In addition, as the proposed transition of
> the Equinox project
> progresses, various parts of the Runtime will migrate while others will
> stay behind.  In short we are looking at a restructuring of the Runtime
> plugin along the following lines (this is very tentative)
> org.eclipse.osgi
> org.eclipse.core.common - some common base support classes like IStatus,
> etc.  We'll look to take into account the JFace uses here as well as
> other.  This will NOT be a dumping ground.  
> org.eclipse.equinox.registry - the extension registry mechanism
> - job support
> org.eclipse.core.preferences - preferneces support
> org.eclipse.core.contenttypes - content types
> org.eclipse.core.runtime - the original runtime layer with things like
> Platform, Plugin, ...    It will require and reexport all of the above
> plugins.  Make this optional if possible.
> This message is only a heads up.  The changes will be prototyped and
> made available for discussion and review.  However, please consider
> these changes when looking to add new API the Runtime as it is today.
> Jeff

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