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RE: [platform-ant-dev] Ant 1.4.1 integration has been released

I take it I cann't just 'drop' the 1.4.1 version of ant.jar into the
org.eclipse.ant.core directory of my current eclipse?

One of the scary things about the ANT integration is it picks up your
projects buildpath settings, which on the surface is a good thing.
Unfortunatly when you try and compile outside eclipse it's easy to forget
this, and have the whole ant script fail.  Would be cool if we could tell
the ANT integration NOT to pick up the project build path.


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>>  Sent: 23 November 2001 15:36
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>>  Subject: [platform-ant-dev] Ant 1.4.1 integration has been released
>>  Hello everyone,
>>  Ant 1.4.1 has been integrated to org.eclipse.ant.core and 
>>  org.eclipse.pde.core plug-ins. It is currently only 
>>  released into HEAD on 
>>  dev.eclipse.org and will be available on nightly builds.
>>  What does it mean to you?
>>          If you are a platform/SDK plug-in developer and 
>>  depends on Ant, 
>>  you should move on to use the new plug-in as soon as you 
>>  can. If there are 
>>  any problems moving your plug-in to the new code for the 
>>  next Tuesday's 
>>  (Nov. 27) integration build, let me know asap.
>>          If you are a user of Ant, enjoy the new version and 
>>  let us know if 
>>  you have any problems.
>>  Thanks,
>>  Rodrigo
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