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Re: [photran] no automatic call to cpp for .F90 file

Hi Michael,

Is it just Oxygen, or was this case for earlier versions?


> On Jun 2, 2018, at 1:06 PM, Michel DEVEL <michel.devel@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear PTP developpers (or just Dear Greg ? ;-) ),
> It seems that the automatic make project from oxygen (version dated March 2018) does not detect automatically that a .F90 should be preprocessed, whereas gcc help pages state that: 
> "Many Fortran compilers including GNU Fortran allow passing the source code through a C preprocessor (CPP; sometimes also called the Fortran preprocessor, FPP) to allow for conditional compilation. In the case of GNU Fortran, this is the GNU C Preprocessor in the traditional mode. On systems with case-preserving file names, the preprocessor is automatically invoked if the filename extension is .F, .FOR, .FTN, .fpp, .FPP, .F90, .F95, .F03 or .F08. To manually invoke the preprocessor on any file, use -cpp, to disable preprocessing on files where the preprocessor is run automatically, use -nocpp."
> In fact, in a test project with only one single source file ending in .F90, a click on the hammer only returns 
> "**** Build of configuration Debug for project testopenmp ****
> Nothing to build for project testopenmp"
> then if I change the end of the source file from .F90 to .f90, it does compile, but with a warning stating that:
>  #ifdef openmp
>   1
> Warning: Illegal preprocessor directive
> Then if I add -cpp in Properties/Fortran build/settings/GNU Fortran Compiler/ Miscellaneous, it finally works as expected.
> Did I forgot something to enable the automatic recognition of .F90 files?
> Sincerely yours,
> Michel DEVEL
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