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Re: [photran] new Project is not included of new fortran in sub menu

i solve it no need to you bye

On Sat, Jun 17, 2017 at 4:40 PM, Abolfazl Ghahremani <abfzlabfzl@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
i am trying from the morning to night to install photran.
everything was good even i saw after installing develop fortran kit that there is no new fortran projecct in >>file>>new project >>
nut in run config local fortran is there,...
and i have no ideaÂ

but i can open Âmy existed fortran file manually and all Âeffects and tools for writting code is good but i can not run it ...

pleas see attached photo and heelp me ....this is really strange and hardly mind problem ...

if you dont have a idea for solving this ,,,,i will delete eclipse and never use it in alll platform such as lovely java c++ and so on.

i am really suspended