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Re: [photran] run a Fortran/C++ program


The following instructions have been helpful:


I can build and start the C++ project, but unfortunately it does not work for the Fortran project, as the toolchain does not seem to be available.

See the pictures.



On 18/03/2017 18:59, Michel DEVEL wrote:
Le 18/03/2017 à 18:39, Olivia Williams a écrit :


I haven't yet used a compiler to build a binary.

Could you offer me some instructions on how to build a binary?


In fact, for the moment, if I understand well, you have created a fortran project in eclipse (which type? "Executable (GNU fortran on Windows)" or something else? (What? "Makefile project" ?)
What is the Tool chain you choosed? GCC Fortran? Something else?

Are you aware that you need to have a 64 bits fortran compiler installed if you wish to compile and execute a fortran project?
If yes, which one have you installed?
If no, then you need to install one. I use the MinGW GCC fortran from msys2, but there are other versions available.

Have you read the tutorial at the adress given by Jeff?

If you have a compiler installed, then you need to click on the hammer button (or select "Build All" in the Project menu to compile.
Then you will be able to execute your program by selecting "Run" in the "Run" menu.

If this does not succeed, you will have to give more information on the kind of code you are trying to use, for us to be able to help you.


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