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Re: [photran] How to debug a Fortran DLL in Eclipse/GDB

Thanks Greg.


You may have misunderstood my question.  The DLL is written in GFortran, not in VB.Net.  It is being loaded/called by a VB.Net executable.


Iâll repost the question on the CDT forum, though.



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My suggestion would be to ask this question on the CDT forum, since this is more about how to get the CDT debugger working with a VB.Net DLL rather than anything to do with Fortran. Presumably the same issue would exist for C/C++ or other languages.





On Feb 6, 2017, at 10:29 AM, Cervinka, Mitch <mitch.cervinka@xxxxxxx> wrote:


I have built a DLL using Eclipse (Mars) and GFortran (5.3.0).  The DLL is called by a VB.Net application, but is failing somewhere inside the DLL.  The DLL is compiled to include debug symbols. 


Is there a way to bring up the DLL in the Eclipse debugger?  How do I attach the debugger to my DLL, given that the DLL doesnât start running until the VB.Net program calls it?  I have GDB 7.6.1 installed.


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