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Re: [pdt-dev] About target platform

I don't think we need to keep compatibility accross major eclipse release (Neon, Oxygen, ...), anyway, today's "compatibility" is already not 100% true between eclipse releases. And we also don't provide support for older versions, since we don't really work on multiple stable branches.
But the biggest breaking changes should (in my opinion) still be done after any *.3 stable release (and before next major eclipse release).
Simply because we are a very small team and every big change will bring new bugs (or missing features) that take (sometimes) very long time to be solved.
But on the other side, in a small team, it would still be possible to add big changes *anytime*, if we scrupulously respect this condition: the person who adds a major change should also maintain it ð

I prefer adding stability and missing features than reworking code but it's still nice and exciting to be up-to-date with newest eclipse developments ð
Also because some PDT dependencies seem deprecated (and no more supported) so some bugs will then never be solved ð


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Objet : [pdt-dev] About target platform

since we are without commercial support, do we still need keep compatibility with previous platform version?

Platform API grow a lot between releases , for example new apis for generic editor, tip of the day. With correct *.target file, you can easy develop on Oxygen for Photon. 

Dawid PakuÅa