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[pdt-dev] Terminate RSE support


TM (Target Management) [1]is removed from Photon. Part of this project is RSE (Remove System Explorer), this feature is stagnated and havenât developed since a long time.

PDT integration with RSE is done via DLTK feature, in our bugzilla there are couple bugs about integration, latest is from 2017-11-02 (526739)

So letâs discus, do we still want ability to work on remote project (FTP/SFTP) without local working copy? Sync on save is part of RDT integration.

My point of view:
1. RSE could be valuable feature, but mostly as FTP/SFTP file browser only
2. Current UX/UI is horrible
3. DLTK doesnât work well with external (non-dltk project) file, even basic outline and syntax validation not working

So in general, RSE should be partially rewritten to become fully usable feature.

[1] -Âhttps://projects.eclipse.org/projects/tools.tm
Dawid PakuÅa