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[pdt-dev] PDT 5.0 end game


The Oxygen release is around the corner. Just to remind a few important dates for PDT:

- June 7: our RC3 contribution must be ready
- June 14: our RC4 contribution must be ready
- June 15-27: quite week
- June 28: official Oxygen release

I suggest that we finish our work on PDT 5.0 by RC3 (this Wednesday) and leave RC4 only for fixing serious regressions. I'd like to avoid the case from the last release where we introduced a serious regression in RC4, which required respinning the release train during the quite week, which required the effort of lots of people outside of the PDT project.

As I don't want to interrupt anyone's productivity, I can release 5.0 RC3 from master on Wednesday and then switch master to version 5.1.0-SNAPSHOT. This way everyone can continue working for 5.1.0 right away. If we need to have 5.0 RC4 then we can build it from a branch.

Any objections?
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