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[pdt-dev] question about some highlighter region types

Hi team,

I recently worked on the php lexers to make them more robust (specially concerning the handling of heredocs/nowdocs and the internal lexer states stack).

While working on them, I saw that there was 2 different ways to declare php strings: PHPRegionTypes.PHP_ENCAPSED_AND_WHITESPACE and PHPRegionTypes.PHP_CONSTANT_ENCAPSED_STRING.

And there was no real consistency in the use of those types in the different lexers.

I would like to simplify a bit more our highlighting lexers and merge those 2 types in a new type called PHP_STRING (for example).

But before doing that, maybe somebody could explain me why there are 2 types to designate php strings?

Is it just "historical"? Or am I missing something and there are specific cases where we need to distinguish php strings?