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[pdt-dev] Integration of the PHP Language Server with the Eclipse IDE

Hi PDT team and fellows,

Perhaps you have heard about the Language Server Protocol [1] and its integration with the Eclipse IDE, a.k.a. LSP4E [2].

In a nutshell, the idea is that the intellisense for IDE/editors is provided by external processes - language servers. The communication is done through a standard protocol - the Language Server Protocol. This way the intellisense is decoupled from the IDE and can be shared across the different IDE/editors on the market. The language server can be implemented in any programming language - ideally in the language it provides the intellisense for. Thus, the communities around each programming language can be involved in the development of the language servers.

This whole initiative has an amazing support so far. There are language servers implemented for lots of languages [3], including for PHP. The PHP Language Server [4] is implemented in pure PHP and is reusing existing PHP tools like the PHP Parser and PHP_CodeSniffer. It already attracts contributions by PHP developers and it has really the potential to become the best intellisense implementation for PHP.

As we (the Zend team) believe in the long term success of this whole idea, we started an integration of the PHP Language Server with the Eclipse IDE. It is still in an early stage and cannot compare to the existing functionality in PDT, but in the long term it can really replace large parts of PDT.

The current state is already quite usable and is available on a GitHub repo at EclipseLabs [5]. A ready-to-use update site is already available. Check the README fie.

We hope you like the idea and join the effort by contributing to either the PHP Language Server or LSP4E projects.

[1] https://github.com/Microsoft/language-server-protocol
[2] https://projects.eclipse.org/projects/technology.lsp4e
[3] https://github.com/Microsoft/language-server-protocol/wiki/Protocol-Implementations
[4] https://github.com/felixfbecker/php-language-server
[5] https://github.com/eclipselabs/lsp4e-php

Best regards,
Kaloyan Raev | Zend Studio Team Lead
Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
Accelerating Great Code
M +359 887 648 663
www.roguewave.com / kaloyan.raev@xxxxxxxxxxxxx