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[pdt-dev] PHP IDE comparison page


I am Manuel Lemos of the PHPClasses.org site.

I am working on a page dedicated to show information about different popular PHP IDEs. I would like to list Eclipse PDT. Other IDE developers already agreed to be listed but I thought to ask if it is OK to list yours.

It is just to provide a great resource for PHP developers that will be updated as new versions of the IDEs are released. It wil just list IDEs and compare their features side by side. No opinions will be emitted about any IDE preferences. Just comparisons on which features which one provides.

The article will be updated over time with new features that the latest version of your IDE provides.

Over time it will be translated to other idioms besides english.

If you are OK, it would be nice if you could provide a link to a page with the list of features of your PHP IDE. If you also have a specific person, like a product manager to explain features and review the article before publishing it would be great.

I have a spreadsheet on Google Docs to show you all the features I am comparing. Just let me know the Google account email of the person to share the spreadsheet so you can look at it.

If you have any outstanding features related with PHP not listed there, just let me know.

We will also list commercial and eventually some popular free PHP IDEs. I would like to know if you are also OK with this.

Just let me know if you are interested to be listed and how we can proceed with the information above.

Manuel Lemos