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[pdt-dev] Shaving of keystrokes: extension points?

§ 1. Is the documentation on pdt extension points outdated?

I tried to implement the sample Code assist strategy [1]. I have the following observations:

1. The code contains an error (XYZCompletionContext contains superflous brace).
2. The last modification date of the extension help [1] is 2 May 2014
3. I get a lot of warnings like

    Discouraged access: The type 'CodeCompletionRequestor' is not API
        (restriction on required library '/home/xyz/eclipse/agents/standaard/pool/
4. The XYZCompletionContext sample [1] doesn work correctly as it breaks the auto-completion

§ 2. What I want to achieve

In php-method context I want to automatically rewrite

    var =


    $var =

I also want to give autocompletion for "var" as variable, eventhough it is not prefixed yet with a dollar.

What extension points would I need to achieve this?

1. https://wiki.eclipse.org/Extending_PDT#Code_assist_strategies